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lost Chairlifts and Cabriolets


There are 17 Lifts in this category.

  Mittersill Chair Country: America
  Hasenhorn Country: Germany
  Niederhorn Country: Switzerland
  Hohe Wand Country: Austria
  Lago Bleu Country: Italy
  Sedrun-Cungieri Country: Switzerland
  Mühlberg Country: Austria
  Großeck 1 Country: Austria
  Donaupark, Wien Country: Austria
  Imbergbahn Country: Germany
  Killesberg Country: Germany
  Neue Welt Country: Germany
  Thale Chairlift Rosstrappe Country: Germany
  Söllereckbahn Country: Germany
  Mönichkirchen Country: Austria
  Großeck 2 Country: Austria
  Walmbergchair Reit im Winkl Country: Germany


There are 1 Lifts in this category.

  Schilpario / Val di Scalve, Cabinovia Country: Italy