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vence, 23.3.2014.

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Very interesting website, added to our links!


River, 23.3.2009.

We had an aerial ropeway in East Sussex
England,for the transport of Gypsum.Of
course it's gone now,replaced by a conveyor system,in the 80's.There are a
few pics on the flickr website though.
Even now you can still see the odd bit
from the old ropeway lying forgotten in
the undergrowth!Great to see your site!


Richard Fachtmann, 27.11.2008.

Great site... found it on Google!
Question: do you know anything about manufactured Wolf and Switzeny, Wien (Austria)?

Found it on your site... The Imbergbahn one seater chairlift.


Serge, 14.6.2006.

Congratulations for your beautifull site.

It is so nice to find old cable cars.

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Cameron, 30.4.2004.

It's always nice to see another aerial lift site, espically one that deals with lost lifts.